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SQUARE from shallow series is a decorative wall panel made of oak or walnut wood, characterized by a flat and square profile for universal use on the wall and ceiling. It allows the possibility of arrangement in a checkered layout of grains. The panel can be combined with the Mountain model to create a 3D effect.

The panels are easy to install on walls and ceilings, both residential and commercial. Quick and easy installation allows you to quickly transform any space.

> Oak or American walnut with oil satin finish.

> The possibility of arrangement in a "checkerboard system".

> Made in Germany

> Perfect for residential and commercial spaces.

> Quick and easy installation (DIY).

> Configurable with the model MOUNTAIN model of the Angular series for a special 3D effect.

Material: Oak / American Walnut

Panel Dimensions: 9,84" (H) x 9,84" (W)

Thickness: 0,6" (D)



8 Panels/Box. - 5,38 SQF/Box. Coverage

16 Panels/Box. - 10,76 SQF/Box. Coverage

Wall of Wood panels are designed to be easy to install. We recommend fixing the panels to the wall with a suitable mounting adhesive. To do this, first unpack the panels, then apply mounting adhesive to the panels. After that, the panels only need to be aligned to the selected position and pressed against the wall for a short time.

The delivery time is about 2-3 weeks. The panels are shipped in cartons by Fedex air freight. All orders are delivered free of charge.

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High Quality Panels.

Our special panels are carefully designed to effortlessly transform any space and enhance the environment both visually and acoustically.

Environmentally sustainable materials.

The panels not only offer aesthetic sophistication , but are also made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials - All materials come from certified sustainable sources.

Quick and simple installation.

The shallow series has been designed to be easy to install. We recommend installing the panels on the wall with a suitable mounting adhesive.

Let our references convince you.


Many thanks to Nils for your professional consultation service. The new wooden wall is awesome!

Bob Heinhold

Taconic Ter, OH


Great product, thanks to the team for the excelente job.


Los Angeles, CA


This is a great product! Looks amazing and is easy to install!

Nick W.

New York City, NY


Absolutely high quality. Very good advice and customer service.

Robert Hays

Mancos, CO


The end result is a unique wooden wall in our hallway. Easy installation, thank you!

Miranda B.

Olympia, WA